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Instructions for bonding non-woven basis

Photo Murals Development of non woven are the perfect combination of aesthetics, ecology and quick installation

Required tools:

  • Bowl for the glue + tool for mixing the glue
  • Wide brush or foam roller for applying glue
  • Tape measure
  • Level, pencil
  • New utility knife
  • Rubber roller for pressing / if you don`t have use a soft towel, but not microfibre

- The surface of the wall needs to be smooth and dry without residues of old wallpaper. It is advisable to clean the wall with a damp cloth, because residues of dust and other particles.

- Prepare required amount of cold water out of the pack in bowl, adding the dry mixture glue slowly and gradually, by simultaneously mixing it. Wait about 10-15 min., Periodically mix until a smooth homogeneous mixture.

- In advance leveling and strike a vertical stripe or points to achieve the correct vertical placement of the first panel of the photo mural. Enough to make it from one end of the sheet.

- In cases in which the photo mural consist a horizontal parts, level one end in the horizontal direction. When gluing the other panels is not necessary leveling, they will be placed correctly to the first.

- Apply with a wide brush or sponge roller glue on the wall in an area about 2-3 cm. Wider than the width of the panel and lay the first part of the photo mural. Do not overdo more than 2 mm coverage, but don`t leave dry areas. Put a pressure from the middle to the edges, it doesent required much strength. non woven base material fits very quickly to the wall, and with minimal compressions discharged the air in a few minutes, you are now ready for the next part of the photo mural.

- Our products, unlike paper and others is arranged without overlapping between panels, due to the technical parameters of the non woven based, it is not overstretched and can not be deformed by the moisture of the glue.For unwanted remaining visible joints between the panels, it is necessary to close as many as you can the panels together. Recommended for invisible joints to start also the installation of photo murals from windows and light to the room.

- Wipe immediately with a soft slightly wet towel the remaining glue.

- With new utility knife cut unnecessary parts, if necessary in the corners, from the ceiling or the floor, it is advisable to do after you have completed the entire installation.

- If in the end you need to make an adjustment or reinstallation, do not worry, just take carefull the panels of the wall, and make adjustments. Yes it is quite possible no worries, it's NON-WOVEN, only this material has properties to do that and no need to buy a new product. In this case, however, will require a new amount of glue, the wall will be taken the old one made before already

- When removing the product does not require wetting it. Pull it genly and slowly and will come whole from the wall. No marks or unwanted damage to its condition.

Thank you for your interest in our wall murals!