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General Conditions


These General Conditions of Online Sales (hereinafter referred to as GCS) govern the contract of sales (hereinafter referred to as CONTRACT) of articles under the trade mark Europa Style manufactured in Bulgaria (hereinafter referred to as ARTICLES) and offered by Europa Style LLC with head office address: 7, 10 Krakra Street, Varna, Bulgaria and VAT number BG201730591 (hereinafter referred to as EUROPA STYLE) using an online shop  (hereinafter referred to as WEBSITE) and its users (hereinafter referred to as CLIENT).

1. Тhe GCS are available on the site in the Terms and Conditions Section so that they can be read easily by the CLIENT before the registration and purchase of articles. They are considered to be accepted with the registration and sending of the order form and can be saved on the client’s computer.

2. Тhe GCS are applicable to the selling of articles published in the product catalogue on the website


3.1. The client who wishes to buy articles from the website can obtain it by registering his personal data, filling in an electronic purchase order using a computer and by making his payment. The payment is made with Pay Pal payment system except in case of a bank draft in advance. The payment also includes product transportation taxes charged separately from the product price and published in the Shipping Costs Section of the website.

3.2. The order form contains the GCS and a summary of the information about the number and price of each ordered article and the total sum in euro, the selected methods of payment and the delivery costs. The client must read carefully all of its content and correct possible mistakes in entering the data.

3.3. THE CLIENT can access his order using The Order History in the My Profile Section. If THE CLIENT wishes to cancel the order or to make changes in it, he must send an email to the following address: before the consignment has already been confirmed by Europa Style using an e-mail of confirmation called CONSIGNMENT DISPATCHED.


4.1. The supplier is obliged to deliver to THE CLIENT an article with its exact characteristics specified on the website, price, size, look and material. The supplier bears no responsibility if an article is of a colour slightly different in nuance due to personal computer settings.

4.2. EUROPA STYLE guarantees the quality of its production. It conducts a strict check on the quality of each consignment and it is inspected thoroughly for present defects before its dispatch.

4.3. EUROPA STYLE commits itself to delivering articles in accordance with terms and place of delivery specified in each order by THE CLIENT. The supplier bears no responsibility for mistakes made in the place of delivery details.

4.4. EUROPA STYLE manufactures the articles published on the website and there is no possibility of deficiency of available articles. Orders are executed within 3 working days after placing and are transported in a period of time specified in the Taxes and Transport Section in a table for each country. The transportation period is between 4 –7 working days.

4.5. EUROPA STYLE gives the client a guarantee that his personal data, which is made accessible in connection to the selling of articles, is handled lawfully and in a proper way, in strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the Law for Protection of Personal Data.


5.1. THE CLIENT bears responsibility for the authenticity of information given to EUROPA STYLE during the registration on the website

5.2. After the purchase procedure on the website is completed, THE CLIENT is obliged to keep an electronic copy of the contract and GCS so that they can be printed when needed.


6.1. The prices of articles are quoted in euro, with VAT. The prices quoted on the website do not include transportation taxes. They are charged and paid by the client additionally. See the Taxes and Transport Section.

6.2. Payments can only be made with PayPal system at the time of placing an order. There is an exception to this when a bank draft has been arranged with and made to EUROPA STYLE in advance.

* An exception for the method of payment is made only for clients in Greece and Romania who can choose to pay cash on delivery.

If you do not have a PayPal account:
Using PayPal is simple. Go to the PayPal webpage and open an account. The access is free. Confirm your e-mail. Connect your credit or prepaid card to your account. Using PayPal is easy and the safest way to pay online purchases.


7.1. Articles are delivered to the door of the client by DPD Economy export express service. * The exception is Rapido Express & Logistics for Greece. The client must check: a. the amount and type of the ordered articles; and b. if the transportation packages are damaged, wet or changed in any way.

7.2. All disparities must immediately be brought to the courier’s attention and also be written in the delivery notice. In order to expedite the procedure of culpability during transportation, the client can also send an e-mail to the following address: Е-mail:


8.1. THE CLIENT has the right to cancel the contract concluded with EUROPA STYLE under the article 55 of the Consumer Protection Law, without having to pay penalties or to state the reason, within 14 (fourteen) days after the delivery date and if the articles are unpacked, in their original package and way of packing with original labels. However, a returned article cannot be replaced by another one.

8.2. The right to cancel the contract will be considered exercised properly if the client fulfils the following obligations: a. returns the articles within 14 (fourteen days) after the delivery; and b. informs the supplier in advance using :Е-mail:

8.3. If the right of cancelling is exercised in compliance with the procedures and time limits specified in this item, Europa Style refunds the client all the collected sums for purchasing the returned articles within 30 (thirty days) after the date of receiving the returned articles. This refund does not include the transportation taxes.


9.1. Before the action of dispatching articles to THE CLIENT, EUROPA STYLE guarantees that they have been subjected to a strict check on their quality and inspection for mistakes.

9.2. In the event of defective articles, the client must:
a. First of all send an email to Europa Style using Е-mail: and specify the order number and numerical code of the article;
b. Observe the fourteen days time limit for returning them and prepare a packet using the original packaging.

9.3. If the defective articles are returned in conformity with the rules and conditions specified in this item, within 30 (thirty) days after receiving the defective articles, Europa Style will refund the client by a PayPal transfer the costs paid by the customer for purchasing the articles and delivery expenses.


10.1. The GCS are governed by the laws of Bulgaria and more specifically by article 55 of the Consumer Protection Law (Amended – The Official Gazette, number 64 from 2007, number 61 from 2014, effective from 25.07. 2014) which applies to particular aspects of online business.

10.2. For all disputes arising from these GCS being in effect, their construal, enforcement and termination and in any other case the rules and regulations of the Bulgarian legislation in force are applied.