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 How to optically enlarge a small room

How to optically enlarge a small room with the help of wall murals!

Make a small room look larger by using wall murals

Numerous residential buildings are built after a standard which stipulates some rooms in apartments to be narrow and small. But there are some simple tricks which would make such small spaces visually increase. This is done with suitable colors, proper decorations and emphasis on certain details. Here are some ideas:

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 How to freshen up the walls at home?

Murals – the solution to freshen the walls in rooms!

If you want to add some freshness in your home or in one of the rooms, there is no need to change the furniture or to make capital repairs. This can be done very easily if you only change the color of one wall. And if you want something different, original, individual and to impress your family and friends, there are some simple ways! Make a decoration of one wall with the help of a mural.

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1. Wall murals are made after an European standard in the European Union.

2. Murals are an ecological product and are printed with special inks for interior with water base and a matt effect, without toxins or odors.

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Most wanted models for murals online
Europa style is a company affirmed itself in the production and custom online sales of murals. On the site you will find fashionable and topical models of murals meeting the European quality and standard. Murals offered in our online store are consistent with recent trends in this field. Both 2014 and in 2015 show a maintained demand for certain models and categories of murals. According to our research, the most demanded murals are those depicting brick walls or those resembling a stone wall. They give the impression of different textures in the room where they are fixed as the desired effect..
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Photo murals ­ Fashionable and new models

Photo murals Europa style is back with new and modern models.

Photo murals. They are made in Europian Union on a last generation high­tech machines this

makes them high quality and reliable products.We use beautiful photos with high resolution on a

diffrent themes and colors.

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