Photo murals ­ Fashionable and new models

Photo murals Europa style is back with new and modern models.

Photo murals. They are made in Europian Union on a last generation high­tech machines this

makes them high quality and reliable products.We use beautiful photos with high resolution on a

diffrent themes and colors.

The proposed photo murals are characterized by extremely environmentally oriented production.

In their manufacture using opaque water­based inks that do not smell and composition lacking

toxins. Printed on material, certified to European standard called fleece (non­ woven) , which does

not contain PVC. Fleece is the basis of the print media and consists of microscopic, textiles,

natural fibers.So trying to protect the environment from pollution and toxic industries, Europe

style, we offer 100% environmental murals that could easily put in your home, office, restaurant

and others. without worrying about your health.Installation and applica them easy process,

adhesive is placed only on the wall, the individual parts do not overlap, disassembly is fast and

takes a few minutes.

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