How to optically enlarge a small room

Make a small room look larger by using wall murals

Numerous residential buildings are built after a standard which stipulates some rooms in apartments to be narrow and small. But there are some simple tricks which would make such small spaces visually increase. This is done with suitable colors, proper decorations and emphasis on certain details. Here are some ideas:

1. For the appearance of a room its color plays a great role. A room will look much larger if the walls in bright colors, preferably pastel tones that have a calming influence, create harmony and a feeling of spaciousness, while bright colors have the opposite effect.

There are several options

- You can choose a simple wall mural on one wall, and the other walls to be painted it in a colour pattern close to it;

- You can choose murals on all the walls;

- Walls to be painted with paint that reflects light and one of the walls to have a mural applied.

2. It is good that murals on the walls and furniture in the room were in one and the same color range. So they will merge and will look calm and wide. As to the accessories – they need to stand out, so they may be in a variety of vivid colors.

3. Use mirrors in combination with murals – they always have a magnifying effect by spreading the light. That's why in every corridor and in each room there are mirrors. As to separate rooms, it is a matter of taste, style and need. It all depends on the room.

4. The furniture is also important. Best bet on practical furniture. For small rooms the best solution are simplified/retractable furniture, cabinets and as small as possible few but may be large in size. You can bet on folding furniture to provide more space in your home.

5. Light is an essential element for visual augmentation. Whether natural or from another source, you should use as much light as possible.

6.The arrangement is also important. Incoherence and chaos are not appropriate. Use chests, baskets and everything convenient to collect in one place unnecessary items.

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