How to freshen up the walls at home?

Murals – the solution to freshen the walls in rooms!

If you want to add some freshness in your home or in one of the rooms, there is no need to change the furniture or to make capital repairs. This can be done very easily if you only change the color of one wall. And if you want something different, original, individual and to impress your family and friends, there are some simple ways! Make a decoration of one wall with the help of a mural.

You can choose among hundreds of thousands of mural models for walls both offline and online.

Choose the color of the mural so that it can combine with other walls and overall furniture in the room to really get a quality, beautiful and new decor. Each idea – a complementary mural, contrasting or challenging, is very good. The choice is all yours. Proposals are so many that even you will want to stick one mural in each room if you had more empty walls.

If you can not choose the most suitable, you could make an order of a wall mural wall of your choice. You can choose from themed murals for different rooms. For example, in your living room you can choose more sophisticated and custom images and figures, picturesque landscapes, abstract paintings and much more. For the kitchen choose a wall mural with beautiful images of vases with flowers and so on.

Wall murals are ecological products that are printed with special water based inks, odorless and toxin free. They can be printed on a nonwoven fabric base not containing PVC. Today murals are quite common and are increasingly used in restaurants, beauty salons, spa centres etc. So, you can select a mural for both your home – kitchen, living room, bedroom or nursery and office, restaurant or shop.

If you want to select this option to refresh and change, you will not only refresh your routine, but will also impress friends and family with style and individualism.

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