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Welcome to the new online shop for photo murals Here you will find modern and current models photo murals in 9 standard sizes selected by leading designers.

The photo murals produced in the European Union and are 100% environmentally friendly product, printed with special water based inks for interiors, opaque, odorless and free of toxins. The photo murals are printed on non woven paper basis, which does not contain PVC. non woven material is certified by European standards. Characteristics of non woven paper material can be found here.

The offered in our online store photo murals are suitable solutions for walls, photo murals for door, photo murals for bedroom and childrens photo murals, and a good choice for offices, restaurants, spas and cosmetic salon.

The variety of photo murals consists of over 1000 models, divided into 16 main categories and 40 subcategories. So quickly and easily find your desired model and if you are searching Photo Mural by color or a certain size, you can see all photo wallpapers and through the filter searches to select your color or size.

Before ordering familiarize yourself with the terms of the store and see the section with useful information and frequently asked questions and answers.

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Wall Murrals - bring more beauty to your home
New murals have fleece base, which was created by the fibers of non-woven textiles. Unlike the old ones, new ones are glued much easier and faster. When adhesive is dissolved instantaneously, and then applied directly onto the wall. It is safe and leaves no residue after drying. Very bonding murals of fleece basis requires no overlap of the individual parts as older models. These murals are not deformed and do not shrink after drying, because of its special base. One of their biggest advantages is that it can be removed from the wall without tear in the dry state and reapplied elsewhere. Moreo..
 How to optically enlarge a small room

How to optically enlarge a small room with the help of wall murals!

Make a small room look larger by using wall murals

Numerous residential buildings are built after a standard which stipulates some rooms in apartments to be narrow and small. But there are some simple tricks which would make such small spaces visually increase. This is done with suitable colors, proper decorations and emphasis on certain details. Here are some ideas:

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 How to freshen up the walls at home?

Murals – the solution to freshen the walls in rooms!

If you want to add some freshness in your home or in one of the rooms, there is no need to change the furniture or to make capital repairs. This can be done very easily if you only change the color of one wall. And if you want something different, original, individual and to impress your family and friends, there are some simple ways! Make a decoration of one wall with the help of a mural.

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1. Wall murals are made after an European standard in the European Union.

2. Murals are an ecological product and are printed with special inks for interior with water base and a matt effect, without toxins or odors.

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